Legacy Ornamental Mill

legacy-1If you have never heard of the Legacy Ornamental mill, you will definitely want to look into it.  This machine is truly extraordinary.  I  purchased one for our business about 5 years ago.  I had one mission, use it to make unique
turned stock that was not offered out there on the market.  What I found was a machine that offered so much potential.  Your imagination is the only thing that will limit you on the this well designed machine.

legacy-2Because it’s unique and somewhat expensive, it makes your potential to earn money with it even greater.  For some reason people have this adversity against investing in a machine.  The cost is tax deductible and part of doing business.  If you like to work with wood, you will love the Legacy.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Table legs

Make a great design and start on Ebay, other woodworkers go nuts for them.  This is a true example of niche market.  Expand to online after you max out on Ebay.  Offer high end legs made with unique hard to find hardwoods, people will pay!


The company makes several different sizes and you can even make full size columns with the smaller machines.  NO one does this and there is tons of room on the market for a unique design.  If you target builders as well as individual home owners, you could be extremely busy.

What it takes to get started:

  • Purchasing the machine
  • You can go to your local woodworking show and see a live demo
  • Purchasing wood stock for intial projects
  • A digital camera to photograph your work

What is an Ornamental Mill?

Imagine a machine that allows you to shape a piece of wood, turn it round for example, and then add other details that would normally require a shop full of machines, power tools, hand tools such as beads and coves, flutes or reeds, spirals or precision joinery. Now take that same machine and plane a 10″ wide board flat and then add shapes i.e. mouldings or patterns i.e. dentile moulding or parallel flutes and then machine mortise or tenons or finger joints or any number of other details. Now take that same machine
and turn round table tops or arches. Basically any form of woodworking can be accomplished on an ornamental mill. There are a few exceptions of course, but very few.

Legacy’s Ornamental Mills have five basic features that that can be used independently or together to accomplish an almost unlimited number of basic and advanced woodworking task.

Some Example of the Uniqueness of This Machine:

legacy-3 legacy-4 legacy-5