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Ebay Bookkeeping

by Admin on April 23, 2009


Anyone can run auctions on Ebay. Some do it as a business. There is an art to looking professional as well as being organized. Knowledge is the key to this area and finding certain items from Ebay about Ebay can be kind of tricky. First you need to know what the insertion fees are going to be. After that, knowing what the final value fees and the PayPal fees are, will tell you how much margin you have for that particular product.

Make sure you use the sales information sheets included in this product to keep you organized. Whether you use Ebay to sell a product or a website, you still need to know what kind of profits you can make.

When preparing for some auctions, using an auction calculator can give you a quick and easy reference for what you can expect your profits to be. If you know the items selling price you can take the calculator and play around with starting prices and ending prices to see what your fees are going to be. There are a lot of calculators out there, so find the one that works the best for you. This particular model serves me well enough to recommend to you. Some services offer calculators with more features that you can purchase. I have found that the extra fluff was not needed for the items that I sold.


Ebay calc

As you can see this calculator has all the same options that you are supplied with when launching your auction. You simply choose the items that you are going to use or upgrade. Notice that the PayPal Calculations is included at the bottom of the calculator. This is very handy and eliminates and extra calculation.

Here is a listing of PayPal fees as well for your reference.


If you do not feel the need to reinvent the wheel you can buy pre-made Ebay Bookkeeping systems. There are several places on the Internet that sell these types of systems. Instead of creating the paperwork you can find what you need. The only difference is when you create your own system or forms you can customize it how you like. Nonetheless, here are some very good systems that you can purchase for yourself.

Ebay bookkeeping system for $39



Another link for guide


Ebay forums are another good place to get some extra (free) help

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