A Little More About Blogs and Linking


A little more about blogs and linking.

Today there are so many changes in SEO that it makes it very hard to get a incoming link from a relevant site that will actually boost your rankings.  The problem is not so much junk sites, most of those have been weeded out.  The problem is the “no follow” attributes that most sites now use.  The no follow attribute makes it an amazing pain to find any decent links that are relevant to your site.  So what do you do?  Fight fire with fire!  Start your own blog (which you should have done anyway) and control the content and the relevance.  It takes a little more time to get it indexed and to eventually become an authority in the search engines eyes, but it becomes very worthwhile after that.

The very best part about blogging is the fact that you are in charge of your own destiny through your content.  If you are trying to rank for a particular keyword all you have to do is write good quality articles about that topic and put it on your blog.  If you do not already know what a keyword is and what an anchor text link is, stop reading this and get that squared away.


Once I have my article i then make an anchor text link of that keyword in the article and point it to the page I desire.  Total control and I do not have to beg anyone for a link.  This works awesome and you should rinse and repeat as necessary.


Question:  Do you write every article this way with a link out to somewhere else?

Answer: No, my main focus is to provide answers for my readers. Sometimes that’s a link to someone else’s site that is an authority on the subject.  I try to be realistic and not look like a link farm to my money site.  I like linking to other posts on the blog that talk about a similar subject.  Resist the urge to go overboard.


Things you can put on your blog:

  • Articles
  • Videos made by you
  • Youtube videos with your own reviews
  • How to’s
  • Polls
  • Picture collections
  • Links to other sites of similar nature
  • Links to other blog posts from competitors
  • Coupon codes for sales on my site
  • Coupons from other sites
  • Book reviews
  • Product reviews
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Lists


Make sure you have your Facebook and Twitter icons posted on your site.

Here is some good reading on the blogging subjects:



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